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Nick Norelli said in August 3rd, 2008 at 8:38 pm

Nice! I hope you blog your way through the instruction. God knows I have to get serious about it!

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Ranger said in August 4th, 2008 at 12:30 am

Very cool. Let me encourage you to work hard at it.

I did three years of Hebrew during my undergrad (1.5 of Hebrew basics/grammar, etc. 1.5 of translation/discussion in Amos/Micah/Jeremiah). At that point I felt pretty comfortable in my BHS but still spent a LOT of time in the lexicon (it takes years and years and years to get a good grasp on even a basic Hebrew vocabulary). Then I did another 1.5 years in seminary (mainly in translation type classes).

Overall that’s 4.5 years of it, and even though it’s only been about five years since my last Hebrew class I can sadly admit that my skills have greatly diminished and whenever I open up my BHS I’m forced to look up basic grammar that I’ve forgotten and look up many, many basic words that I’ve forgotten.

Hebrew is much more fluid and difficult than Greek IMO. I can still sit down and translate through a few verses in Greek each day without problem, but it takes much more effort to accurately translate even one verse in Hebrew.

So what am I saying? Work, work, work! It’s worth it, but you’ve gotta work your tail off to keep it going strong.