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Marguerite Harrell said in December 9th, 2013 at 4:10 pm

I think the first encounter I had would be when I was working at Books a Million bookstore. I was told that I wasn’t allow to say Merry Christmas to the customer. It was like I gotten a black eye for that. Before that BAM job, I was working in Manufacturing job, we were allow to do this to others. I was amazed that one of my Hindu’s friends was greeting us very joyfully Merry Christmas. I had to stop and think about his faith and why would he be saying that when he isn’t a believer but he does embrace this seasons as well as all the other false gods that he also worship. This was interesting experience for me. Back to BAM, I did say Merry Christmas to the customers that I knew wouldn’t be a problem because they said Merry Christmas to me. If I had a customer that I don’t know or might be a secret shopper, I would say Happy Holidays to them even though I prefer to say Merry Christmas! I had to keep my job. Now, I don’t work at BAM any more.